RDBToOnto: From Relational Databases to Ontologies


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RDBToOnto is a tool that allows to automatically generate fine-tuned populated ontologies from relational databases (in RDFS/OWL).

A major feature of this tool is the ability to produce highly structured ontologies by exploiting both the database schema and structuring patterns hidden in the data (see publications for details on the RTAXON learning method, including its formal description).

Though automated to a large extent, the process can be constrained in many ways through a friendly user interface. It also provides a framework that eases the development and integration of new learning methods and database readers. A database optimization module allows to enhance the input database before ontology generation.




Commented survey on a typical example: demo 1
Another example including a database optimization step: demo 2




User Guide: This document provides a systematic description of RDBToOnto use instructions.

Development Guide: This guide addresses the extension capabilities offered by RDBToOnto. A framework is provided to allow the implementation and integration of new readers and converters.

The description relies on a fully implemented sample that includes a reader and a converter.


Exploited libraries


RDBToOnto is implemented in java and takes advantage of a number of high-quality third-party libraries including Jena 2.5 framework, Apache Commons configuration and Apache POI.


Related Publications


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