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Semantic Web technology, ontologies, and semantically described web services have now demonstrated their maturity and usefulness in a number of applications. However, their wide-scale adoption is hampered by the relatively high adoption costs, mainly through the need of employing specialist knowledge engineers, the manual ontology creation effort for the domain experts, and the need to deal with diverse, heterogeneous legacy data and software.

The goal of TAO has been to make transitioning existing 'legacy' applications to ontologies fast and effective, thus allowing companies to:


Build a reusable transitioning process;
Minimise consulting time during migration and integration;
Minimize costs;
Reduce integration overheads and limit risk.


We created an open source infrastructure to aid transitioning of legacy applications to ontologies, through automatic ontology bootstrapping, semantic content augmentation, and generation of semantic web service descriptions. The work is grounded in the TAO transitioning methodology and the tools are integrated into the TAO Suite. In this way, TAO enables a much larger group of companies to exploit semantics without having to re-implement their applications.


Latest News

Semantic solution, a patent commercial success Information services company Matrixware has teamed up with a consortium of European researchers to enhance access to its database of patents. The commercial deal points to a bright future for software designed to help organisations make the leap to semantic systems. The agreement includes almost a million... follow this link


The final TAO deliverables are now released !!


The TAO project showcase is now available!! Click here to access it.

The TAO project has now finished with the release of over 10 major public deliverables, software downloads and online demos. The case study prototypes are now completed (see D6.3, D6.4, D7.3, D7.4). All TAO technology has been evaluated successfully (see D1.3.2 , D2.3 , D3.3 , and D4.4). The final version of the TAO infrastructure (TAO Suite) and the accompanying methodology were also released (see D1.2.2 , D5.3.2 , and D5.4.2). The project has also produced a public showcase for interested companies and researchers.


TAO Industrial Workshop held in Paris, attracting strong industrial participation

SWESE workshop at ISWC'08 co-organised by TAO

TAO tutorial at ESWC '08 now available as videos online

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Project Reference: IST-2004-026460

Project Acronym: TAO

Project Name: Transitioning Applications to Ontologies

Action line: IST-2004-2.4.7

Total cost: 4,246,696 Euros

Commission Funding: 2,824,950 Euros

Project Duration: 2006-03-01 to 2009-02-28